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To Whom It May Concern:
Julie Kestyn of Kestyn Real Estate was the Broker we used to sell my husband's deceased aunt's house in Queens.
She held many open houses, fielded ridiculous offers and, ultimately, was able to find a buyer who gave us a very acceptable offer.
Thank you, Julie.
Linda Howell
Hi Julie,
People sometimes have trouble opening attachments, so I'm writing this in the body of the email. Please confirm receipt.
Julie Kestyn is much more than a neighborhood realtor. In addition to helping people make perfect landlord/tenant matches that last, Julie is always willing to help provide invaluable information. .. a painter who will actually provide the two coats of paint you paid for ... an electrician whose price will be less than your first born child.. a carpenter who won't say he needs to go pick something up, then show up again 3 days later. Julie knows them all, and her word is all I need. I will never forget how she, as a friend, advised me on the purchase of my house even though it was being sold directly to me by the owner. Julie Kestyn is a person you can trust for some of the most important decisions of your life. 
Janet Cohen, 543 Rugby Rd.
From Patti Tso
Julie Kestyn was my Real Estate Broker when I was selling my property at 1954 Ocean Avenue.   Julie was the perfect Real Estate Broker for me then because she was down to earth, telling me what was sellable and what was not.  Julie is very experienced and knowledgeable.  Whenever there was a buyer, she would have them first “evaluated”.  She checked every aspect of the potential buyers.  She was always proactive.  She had stood by me as a seller and her integrity has never wavered.  She was an excellent facilitator in the negotiating process.  I couldn’t ask for more.  
If I were to have another property to sell, I would not hesitate to ask Julie to help me to sell it.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Real Estate Broker.
Julie listed a home owned by older people who had never sold a home before.  They were very nervous about the process and Julie shepherded us all through the many difficulties along the way.  
There were two major problems that had to be resolved, the sellers were unwilling to resolve them, and we withdrew our offer and asked her to show us other homes.  
She did and we made an offer that was accepted on another house.  However, Julie pointed out to us that even though we would have to pay more for the house on Westminster Road than we originally agreed to, we would be happier in this West Midwood house than in the other one.  
We submitted a new offer with new, more acceptable conditions.  Julie facilitated the resolving of the two issues and we closed.  Shortly thereafter we gave birth to our new son in our new house.  We are forever thankful to her for making our dreams come true.”
Michael Siem and Audrey Walen.
Dear FFN:

There has been some talk on our site asking for the name of a Realtor. I suggest that you speak to Julie Kestyn. She is a very smart Realtor, wonderful human being, and very knowledgeable about real estate. She's been in the game for a long time and knows so much. She has rented our house out to wonderful tenants, and when we were thinking of selling our home, she showed me how to get it ready. She did all of the leg work to find us buyers, but we ended up not selling, and she was fine with that too.

She is really hands on and is always available to speak with you during the entire process of buying, selling or renting. And trust me, she really cares about you and the process going smoothly.
Julie can be reached at 718-677-6770. Tell her that I referred you to her.  
Clare Cortes, 643 East 18th St.
Julie Kestyn of Kestyn RE just sold my mother’s Brooklyn house for us.  I would not hesitate to recommend Julie to represent anyone in the sale of their property.  My mother’s house was in great need of repair as it was an old house that had not been updated.  It was very hard to find a qualified buyer for this property as it had to be a non mortgage contingency contract.   Julie worked very hard and succeeded in selling the property.  She held many open houses, accommodated the potential buyers as needed, gave up her much needed vacation so she could attend the closing and never lost her sense of humor or optimism.  She is a true professional in every sense of the word.  Julie was a pleasure to work with and exceeded my expectations in every way.
Dorothy Leff

Julie Kestyn
Julie Kestyn
2008 REALTOR of the Year for Kings County